Daily Inspiration

“A man can fail many times, but he isn't a failure until he begins to blame somebody else.”

~ Steve Prefontaine


The Evolution of the Men’s Running Short

I would like to personally thank companies like Nike, New Balance and others for developing running shorts that are longer in the inseam than 2 inches. There are not many men who can pull off the 2 inch inseam and I for one am one of those men.

In the 70's. Running was something that only elite athletes participated. By the 80's, with the workout crazed decade, more and more people began to join in on the recreational running. That's about the time Nike and others cashed in on everyone as well. The big shoe companies began developing running clothes for your average joe. Let us all be thankful that they have continued to develop new styles through the years.

I for one am so thankful for the opportunity to choose between an 2,4,5,7 or 9 inch inseam when I am shopping for running shorts. Like I said, some guys can wear the 2 inch inseam but for the other 95% it ain't going to work.

Trust me…