Taste of Athens 10K

My official time for today's 10K was 50:52. A 6 minute improvement from the previous year. The weather was not too bad. It was 37 degrees with wind gust up to 22 MPH during the race. The wind did make the hills, which were many, tough to climb but nothing beats a nice stroll through Athens, Ga. Now on to the Spring Has Sprung 15K next week at Inman Park in Atlanta.



Down Warrior…

I took my wife to the Southern Orthopedics yesterday and the diagnosis wasn't good. She was diagnosed with a severe Plantar Fascia Strain and a heel spur in her left foot. She took a cortisone injection directly into her heel, which by the way I would never do, in hopes of avoiding surgey. So she is in a boot and miserable right now. She wants to go running but can't. We head back in a month to see if she has progressed or regressed. Our other option as of now is surgey if the shot and boot plus stretching doesn't work. I'm hoping to avoid surgey for her sake. It sucks big time because I lost my running buddy for awhile.

This is a picture of my wife, Shannon, and her mother after completing the Chilly Dawg 5K in Athens, Georgia last weekend. The temperature during the run was 18 degrees. Tough Cookies!


2013 Road Race Results

As I begin a new year today, I decided to look back at the races from 2013 and see how I improved on my runs, if any at all, but more importantly reflect on the blessings of having another year of running.

Hot Chocolate 5K/15K 25:45 (5K)
Taste 10K Feb. 16 57:55
2013 March 5K Trail Run March 2 26:33
Luckie 5K March 17 25:07
12th Annual Cheerios 10K Challenge April 20 52:37
Nancy Travis Trot for Tots 5K April 21 24:44
5th Annual Run for Kids 5K May 25 26:51 (stroller)
2013 Peachtree Road Race July 4 55:03
Fuzz Run 5K September 14 24:49
Fire Fighter Fall 5K October 12 26:27 (stroller)
Princess Katie 5K October 13 24:21
Magnet Monster Dash October 25 24:07
Trick or Trot 5K October 26 23:47
Rock N Roll Half Marathon November 9 2:02:15
2013 Thanksgiving Day 5K November 28 24:53