Publix Georgia Marathon


On March 17, 2013 I arrived at the Centennial Olympic Park early that morning to find my corral for the 1st ever Luckie 5K that was being held in conjunction with the Georgia Half marathon and marathon.

I wanted to sign up for the half marathon badly but I was acting like the cowardly lion. See, I had only been running for just over a year. This would have been a huge step for a man who hadn’t done any running in 16 to 17 years. But upon my arrival that morning I noticed all different types of people lining up for the marathon and half marathon. There were people who looked like they could run for days and others who I thought wouldn’t make past the starting line. I was amazed at the courage and desire of everyone to finish the race. It was inspiring to say the least.

So on March 18th of 2013 I registered for the Georgia Half Marathon coming up on March 23rd. This is a race that I have been looking forward to doing since registering. I have ran a half marathon before but this one will be the one I’m most anxious about. Who know’s, I might be able to find The Wizard and he can give a heart for my new found courage!


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