Never trust a fart after mile 5…

I had always heard of the poor souls who have had the misfortune of having their stomach becoming angry while running a half marathon. But on November 9th at the Rock N Roll Marathon I witnessed this catastrophe in person.

As we were rounding through mile 7 I quickly noticed an odd smell that was coming down wind in front of me. I quickly saw a 40 something year old woman who looked to be struggling a bit with her strides. I was caught off guard from what I saw next. I noticed a brown ooze down her leg but what was worse was the brown stains from the top of the back of her shorts to the front of her shorts. I truly felt bad for the lady. She was trying to tough it out as best as she could but we were still staring down 6 more miles. Bless her heart.

It’s always best to make certain you eat the proper foods the night before and if you are going to try any gels make certain you do prior to the actual event. Oh yeah, make sure you know where all porta-potties are located.


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